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#2097 Brassia caudata  var. alba “J.E.M” JC/AOS Mericlones. JC/AOS 06/11/1986 Natural spread 7.11 cm. “…commended for clarity of unspotted yellow color of sepals and petals and white lip margined and spotted with pale yellow….”  Husky seedlings in 3” open mesh plastic pots. 

$50.00 each

#3000 Cattleya (Thospol Spot x schilleriana). BS, mounted and well-established on tree fern. Tough, small, robust, unblooomed, slightly larger and more vigorous than C. aclandiae itself ! Cattleya Thospol Spot is 75% C. aclandiae, 12.5% C. granulosa, and 12.5% C. forbesii.







Blc. Toshie Aoki PIZZAZ AMAOS_WEB_FULL.gif (65393 bytes)#3004 Blc. Toshie Aoki (Faye Miyamoto x Waianae Flare)  Sib Cross: ('Pokai' AM/AOS x 'Blumen Insel'). This cross of these two famous clones will surely  produce a predictable & outstanding outcome  Seedlings established in 2" pots @ SOLD OUT
#3003 Encyclia tampensis alba (Bayou Orchids sib cross) ('Mendenhall' AM/AOS x Jolene). Jolene is unproven alba, but has no pigment on multiple flowerings-cross your fingers! Available as singles or in 5-10 seedling compots  open mesh 2-3" pots. Bulbs just beginning to mature. Watch here for these little sprays. SOLD OUT