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"What if They Mated?"
Dend._Gavin_Yamada_Bayou_052402_FL1BWBD_small.jpg (3314 bytes)

#830 Dendrobium Gavin Yamada
(Midnight x Ram Misra) 

Ctna. Why Not 'Roundabout' (4N) x self
(C. aurantiaca x Bro. sanguinea)
WEB_200_Phal_lueddemanniana_FCCRHS_72 .jpg (12796 bytes) Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana 'FCC/RHS'
WEB_142kb_Laelia_milleri_X_Sophronitis_cernua_FL2.jpg (16945 bytes)

Sl. Doctor Frederick Schechter
(S. cernua x Laelia cinnabarina)
  Cross made by Mr. Frank Fordyce

 Blc. Toshie Aoki PIZZAZ AMAOS_WEB_FULL.gif (65393 bytes) Blc. Toshie Aoki 'Pizazz' AM/AOS
(Faye Miyamoto x Waianae Flare) 

Ansellia gigantea v. azanica 'Bayou'

 MOUNT KAALA_BAYOU_WEB.gif (117121 bytes) Phalaenopsis Mount Kaala 'Bayou'
(Doreen x Elinor Shaffer)