Sl. Doctor Frederick Schechter
(Sophronitis cernua x Laelia cinnabarina)

I bought this little plant from John Odom who said it was the last of a "picked-over" group of seedlings that came from a flask that he bought from Frank Fordyce, "Fordyce Orchids has pioneered the field of miniature and compact Cattleyas...."  I  took the plant and hung it in the shade for a few years where it slowly prospered. The first year the flowers looked like the Sophronitis cernua, sort of brick and very small, just over a centimeter. One year it was unusually cold for Florida where the little plant grew out of doors. The next blooming was, as you see, spectacular, with 5 cm. flowers. I called Frank and told him the story. He, first of all, did not remember making the cross; John Odom has no records, but swears he bought the flask from Frank. Frank told me that the primary Sophonitis crosses, just wouldn't do well in Florida, and that the cold winter had stimulated the more interesting blooming. I asked him if I could register the plant-he said it was OK to register it, especially since he had no record of making the cross.