Dendrobium Gavin Yamada (Midnight x Ram Misra))

This is a plant originally given to me as a gift by Dr. Ron Midgett. Ron taught me a lot about orchid growing and breeding. 

This is one of those plants that I have carried (dragged) with me from New Orleans, Louisiana to Whittier, California, and to the Indian River Lagoon in Ft. Pierce, Florida. It grows and grows, and blooms and blooms-in Louisiana, California, and Florida, and does well out-of-doors hanging on the sunny-side of a shade tree.  The flowers are intense in color, well-arranged on the spike, and with each blooming the flowers become ever more vivid, there are more spikes,  and more flowers per spike, in beautifully-arranged sprays. We hang them up inside while the buds are just opening, and the flowers remain fresh and beautiful, even in air-conditioning, for over 1-3 months. The main blooming season is March through July with an occasional second blooming in November.

We are pleased that we can share this plant with others as divisions and kikkis become available.